Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Five Things You Need Right Now, 12/10/10

Tadaaa! The second installment of this mildly exciting feature. These are the five things that I am craving in my life right now...

Image 3 of NW3 Cut Out Desert Boots
NW3 Cut Out Desert Boots, £143, asos.com

Basically, these shoes finely tread the line between brogues (which I want but can't really see lasting that much longer in terms of a trend) and the MEMORY/Woven Ankle Boots that Topshop are putting out at the moment. The cutout makes them infinitely delicate and feminine, but they have a lovely hardiness about them which is a plus point considering the upcoming winter months.


alternative view
Multi Pocket Waistcoat, £10, Warehouse

Agin, this is a nice alternative to a quite sought after item. The gillet, especially the infamous Jack Wills sort, have been dominating the shoulders of girls in my common room this term so far; in my (pretty uninformed) opinion, a layered waistcoat like this would look just slightly nicer and different to everyone else. Oh, and umm, the price is amazing!

Image 1 of Cheap Monday Coloured Skinny Jeans
Cheap Monday Coloured Jeans, £31, asos.com

I'm looking for some coloured jeans and these do more than tick the box. They're subtly coloured and completely inoffensive, but they are still just that little bit out there. The basically nude colour also means that they will go with nearly everything as well :)

Diesel  - Knitwear
Morelly Lightweight Knit, £170, Diesel

This cardi fits like a mans cardi, which is something I really love in knitwear - it lends to a more laidback, simple sort of style. The hood was the detail that secured it for me however, because its a twist on a classic item. How many hoods do you usually see on a cardi?! Ahh, knitwear. It really is the thing I love most about winter.


Rita Knit, £179, Desigual

Oh, my god. Not that I would necessarily wear this item, I do think its amazing. The colours, the texture, the patterns, the buttons, everything! Probably best worn undone, as the neck isn't my favourite thing ever, but as an item in its own right this jumper is amazing. Completely amazing.


  1. I need all of it, especially the last sweater. Nice blog! Come and visit me too, soon.


  2. Thank you so much for the cute comment!
    It's such a lovely Blog you have here.
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