Sunday, 3 October 2010

Everyone Should Know About This.

Even to me this sounds fairly ridiculous, but after discovering it earlier this year I feel that its important to give some sort of recognition to what the good people of Tesco have come up with this time. And what is it that they have come up with? A quite pricey, bold collection of which certain pieces I just cannot get my head around. I was happy to see the power shoulders trend wither and die at the beginning of this season, and I feel personally offended to see F&F Couture celebrate them in nearly every piece. However, ignoring this there were indeed several pieces which I do quite like - the more restrained, minimalist ones seem to have been the ones to catch my eye.
F&F Couture Wool blend skirtWool Blend Skirt, £75
F&F Couture Equestrian trousers
Equestrian Trousers, £75
F&F Couture  Vest top
Vest Top, £40

Despite this, my favourite piece Tesco sell is from there completely normal, day to day collection F&F; maybe because at the moment all I want to do is buy hoards and hoards of jumpers, but I think this one has a certain standout quality in stitching.

F&F mixed stitch jumper

Mixed Stitch Two Tone Jumper, £16.

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