Saturday, 2 October 2010

The Five Things You Need Right Now, 01/09/10

The majority of the blogs I read at the moment are fashion blogs. Sometimes I agree with them, sometimes I don't, but I always know that I have an opinion on it. Because fashion is so much about opinion, what you think looks good and what the next person thinks is completely odd, I felt I'd add my small and probably pretty unworthy view subject to my blog. Some of this stuff I'll own, some of it will be way out of my league price wise, and some of it I would never wear will think is completely amazing. Either way, I will try and update 'The Five Things You Need Right Now' at least every fortnight, and even more if I can :)

But now, lets get on to the meatier stuff; the five things that your wardrobe needs in it at this current moment.


Pleated Baby Corduroy Trousers, £35.99, Zara.
 -I need these in my life. I love how laid back and slouchy they are, I love the sandy camel colour, I love the way your ankles just peep out, and mostly I love that they're NOT JEANS. I feel quite restricted right now by the fact that there is quite a lack of wanting to break away from the decidedly teen trend of Jeans and/or Leggings as what to wear for trousers; I myself have yet to properly break out of this but as soon as I get my hands on these I am most definitely going to try.

Antler Headband By Unique** 
Antler Headband by Unique, £80, Topshop
-A slightly more obscure choice, but I mean, look at them. Overpriced, quite gaudy and actually a little plain; these antlers are phenominal. I haven't seen anything quite like this before, except for maybe a fancy dress shop. In my head, I can envision endless Halloween and Christmas parties sorted due to this fantastical headband which, if nothing else, should certainly be a talking point.
Contrast House Tights, £12, House of Holland
-I couldn't love the whole Henry Holland brand a lot more. I think the clothes are amazing, I think the H! line for Debenhams is faultless and I think all the companies blogging and twittering is a completely brilliant way to keep people like me knowing whats going on. These tights are my favourite that the company does, worn by the likes of Agnes Deyn and Fearne Cotton, they are pretty affordable and absolutely lovely.

alternative view
 Fairisle Patchwork Cardi, £45, Warehouse
-I'm not fully sure what makes me love this so much. In all honesty, its something that I should detest; shapeless, patchwork, and a mixture of dull greys and beiges. However, I think its the combination of these things that make it absolutely perfect. It will go over the majority of things, as long as they're not ludicrously bright colours, and it just looks wonderfully comfy and a lovely slouchy winter piece.Oh, and I'm a sucker for knitwear. I love it!

Nude Diamond DressNude Diamond Dress, £85, Miss Selfridge 
 - This dress is a good mix of luxurious detailing and laid back, simple style. The pearls and beads change this from being a summer day dress into a heavier, more Christmassy affair, whilst the string at the back would look incredibly classy as the rest of the back is open, so it is revealing without being too tarty. It might me a tiny bit too long for my liking but considering the aforementioned open back, I think that rather than looking frumpy, this would just look effortlessly beautiful and endlessly sophisticated. Probably the best winter dress I've seen so far.

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