Saturday, 13 November 2010


I can't even state how good they were. They fricking blew my mind, and I was sitting. Any band that can reduce someone in the sitting area nearly to tears are genius, it was one of the more emotional gigs I've been to. And I pretty much hyperventilated when Yannis came on, and just arggghhh everything! Spanish Sahara was awesome but the best I think was either French Open or Two Steps Twice...Oh and did I mention I fricking MET YANNIS AFTERWARDS?! He is the best thing in my entire life, and gave us his cigarette. Quite simply one of the best gigs ever. Oh with signed tshirts on their way. My life is just a little bit more complete.

Yannis Fricking Yannis.

Awesome Lasers


Our wonderful banner, literally seconds before we met Yannis, which he said he loved ♥

And possibly my favourite picture ever? Obviously not from yesterday, or taken by me, but still... fricking awesome. I love these two, and I'm seeing them both inside one weekend.

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